Jacob’s Well offers help in the following ways:


1. The Jacob’s Well Hot Line

If you or someone you know needs help, call our hotline at 904-479-5629. Someone will get back to you within twenty-four hours. Our hotline helps men who struggle with lust, pornography and other sexually addictive behaviors by helping them and their families to find recovery groups, therapists, and other resources.

2. Congregational Retreats, Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Men from Jacob’s Well will come to your church, missionary or Christian organization to share their stories of addiction and recovery. We will also facilitate discussion and provide resources for men, women and families. We are licensed to show the DVD documentary, The Heart of the Matter, Finding Light in the Darkness of Pornography, in which Christians from all backgrounds, ages and races share their experience strength and hope in the areas of lust, pornography and sexual addiction.

3. Seminar: Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography

This seminar is designed for adult (over 21 only ) family members interested in protecting children and teens from the pervasive influence of internet pornography. Attendees are given a follow-along guide and a booklet entitled “Addressing the Elephant.” Subjects covered include: The extent of the problem in society today; The influence of early sexual exposure and the relationship of brain chemistry to addiction; The social implications, and spiritual and gospel-centered solutions to the problem. Video testimonies from teens exposed to internet pornography are also included. Parents and other adult family members will be given positive ideas to both protect children prior to exposure and communicate clearly with children subsequent to porn exposure, focusing on love, affirmation, accountability and on-going communication. A Christian perspective animates the approach, emphasizing forgiveness, restoration and hope.

4. A Day-Long Seminar on Lust and Sexual Addiction for Clergy, Christian Leaders and Theological Seminary Students

Clergy, Christian leaders and theological seminary students today who expect to serve in congregations or lead para-church ministries are going to be faced with some large challenges. Among these is the tsunami-like rise of lust-driven, sexually addictive behaviors among those they serve. Although the thinking and behaviors are not new, its virus-like nature is. Much of this can be traced to the meteoric rise and pervasive presence of the internet. From internet pornography to the on-line hook-up culture, many people today are mired in thinking and behavior they seem unable to escape or remedy. Some see no need to escape, but many others would secretly like to if they just knew how. Moreover, these problems appear to be nearly as prevalent in the church as outside it.

But there is help and hope. There are people who have been trapped in these behaviors who have been able to let go and walk in a greater degree of freedom, many for the first time. Some claim a greater closeness to God and intimacy with Christ as a result. They are ready to tell their stories in an honest, humble, and hopeful way.

This day-long seminar, prepared with ample time for interaction, will cover a variety of topics in three major areas:

Session 1. The Origins of Sexually Addictive Behavior

How lust and sexually addictive behavior works in the human brain. What are the chemical and behavioral catalysts that make sexually driven actions so difficult to stop?

Session 2. People From a Variety of Backgrounds Tell Their Stories of Sexual Addiction and Recovery

What they were like, what happened and what they are like now. Ample time will be available for interaction, questions and answers. (This segment can be expanded or contracted based on time constraints.)

Session 3. The Gospel, Lust and the God Connection

How does a Christian leader understand this problem? How can he or she provide supportive and confidential community, resources, help and hope to those who suffer? What is the role of healing prayer? What does the gospel say about lust and sexual addiction? How did the early church reach a sex-drenched culture in its day and how might we learn from their message and manner? How can leaders speak to these human problems in congregational and organizational settings in an age-appropriate context?

Presented by Jacob’s Well of Florida and Dr. Drew Edwards and Associates, this seminar can be adapted to a number of time slots and settings.

5. Conferences and Conventions

Jacob’s Well is interested in participating in larger gatherings in order to get the message out of hope and healing from sexual brokenness and addiction and to make contact with those who can partner with us to reach many more people. We host meet and greet tables and are willing to speak on various aspects of lust recovery.